Based on an incredible donor car - the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, this car has a rather interesting and long history starting back in the 70s when the original Lancia Stratos was conceived. It was the first car from a major manufacturer specifically made for rallying.

With more than double the original Stratos’s 190bhp, this specific car has around 540bhp owing to its Scuderia base. Clients could also choose a standard Ferrari 430. Supposedly, this car is also offered in manual - I would assume that would be based on the standard car as that too was offered as a manual unlike the Scuderia.

The idea of a new Stratos began back in the 1990s when Chris Hrabalek bought the rights to the Stratos name. Ten years later, Hrabalek was a student on the Royal College of Art's Vehicle Design Course and as his final-year project, he decided to build his own version of the Stratos. He received financial backing and successfully exhibited at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. Hrabalek really wanted to put the car into production.

With support of an investor and Pininfarina on board as a technical partner, they decided to use the 430 Scuderia and refined the design to suit the platform, taking 20cm out of the wheelbase and using a wind tunnel to sort the aerodynamics.

Completed in 2010 and well received by Ferrari, all looked well but they refused to supply the parts so Pininfarina ended the project. Manufattura Automobili Torino (MAT) later revived the project using customer supplied Ferraris. The car has a carbon fibre body with a striped back interior. Power is boosted 37 horsepower over the Scuderia and 57 more than in the base 430 and weight is reduced 50kg.

This specific car was completed in 2019 and was recently sold at auction for £578,895


0-60: 3.3sec

Top speed: 170 mph

Rarity: 1 of 25

Country of origin: Italy

Power: 540 bhp

Engine: 4.3L V8