I recently came across this super rare Ferrari for sale. Manual 599s are generally only offered at auction and with crazy estimates so seeing one for sale at a dealership is quite unusual.

Only 30 of these cars were built by Ferrari and only 10 of them were European specification. The seller believes only 4 right hand drive manuals were made. On top of that, the car has been fitted with the HGTE Handling Pack which was offered towards the end of the 599 model life to sharpen the handling and give a more engaging drive. So, taking all of this into account, this is one of the rarest modern production Ferraris.

In 2017, it was cosmetically restored - it was repainted in the original factory specified Nero paint. The owner also decided to fit a genuine GTO bonnet and GTO wheels. I think the wheels are a nice addition but I'm not sure about the bonnet - I think it makes the car look a little unfinished. It also disturbs the clean lines of a standard 599. But hey, it comes with the original bonnet. It's also fitted with Black Mesh Grilles on the front bumper.

A couple of important questions needed to be asked here however. Is a manual gearbox worth £400,000 over a standard paddles car? And would you rather this rare manual 599 or a paddles 599 GTO?? I’m still torn!

This 599 is currently up for £499,850


0-60: 3.2sec

Top speed: 205 mph

Rarity: 1 of 30

Country of origin: Italy

Power: 612 bhp

Engine: 6.0L V12

Link: https://www.bramley.com/carsales/details/Ferrari/599-GTB-with-Manual-Gearbox-/13844.htm