One of only 7 Awesome Land Rover Defender's from the James Bond film Spectre. Specially made for the film by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations and Bowler who did the tuning.

Upgrades include special snow tyres (37 inch Maxis Trepador tyres bolted directly on Beadlock alloy wheels), upgraded suspension (rose joints and Bilstein rally dampers built to race specification), full roll cage, stunt handbrake, 4 point harnesses, Recaro seats and a power upgrade from 120 to 185bhp. Current mileage is only 1,635!

Road registered since the movie, where it was used only in drive-by scenes. Includes its car cover, original invoice and a range of papers documenting filming schedules along with photos of this cars actual appearance in the film. Also comes with the number plate used in the film!

Not all of the Spectre Defenders survived filming and the ones that did are not all road registered - Evo founder Harry Metcalfe owns one of these non-road registered cars.

Asking price - £265,000


0-60: n/a

Top speed: n/a

Rarity: 1 of 7

Country of origin: UK

Power: 185 bhp

Engine: 2.2L Diesel

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